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Oz Rally Rnd 4 Minto Rally Park


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Pics Here.




















Unfortunately Chas's Suby had a classic ninco hop when the thottle applied . This wasn't a hill jump.




Next the Historics.

Cheers Craig



"You can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

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Top stuff Craig - well chuffed to say the least, first stage win in my long and illustrious proxy career.


And damn those pesky Tasmanians - always hanging around causing trouble on the leader board.


Errr - series results coming shortly.....

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Ok gentlemen , heres the last stage for for Minto Rally Park. Or will it ????.


Stage 1




Congrats to : OTFS , Peter Gunn and CharlesX .



The one that surprised me here was Chas's Scalex version . Really nice car to drive was a force against the MSC's . Top 4 cars all in the 20's in lap time.

Stage 2




Congrats to : OTFS , CharlesX and Gas41t.


2 Stages and a new contender for a podium this time. Rossko's Ford had a blinder in this one. Those Scalex Fords still pushing. Again we had 7 cars in the 20's. Track was well and truley rubbered by that time.


Overall Results





Congrats to : OTFS , CharlesX and Peter Gunn



All up the cars went well . Even those down from the pointy end . To get 23's around my track isnt a bad time. The Escort of Boss302 even managed a fast time of 23.012 but the raised braid section was its achilles heel.The 2 Fiats ( Corey and Mitchell ) weren't fast but managed average times of 24's .


Anyway had fun with this proxy , the cars I find on my track are getting better and as Phil stated it is good with the difference of tracks, track surfaces and the conditions . Got to say mine will put up different times in warmer months to the colder. For some unknown reason we've found starting fairly early in the morning will give different times by the afternoon. Anyway thanks again to Gaz for the pics and marshalling. Can always count on you Gaz to be there. Really appreciate it ;):D

Cheers Craig

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"You can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

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Thanks guys...

Nice to see the Scaley's keeping the MSC's honest...


Well done to the pointy end, and thanks for the 4th place...

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Just watching that vid. Its weird watching yourself and knowing where the you started to loose a bit of momentum from trying not to come off through those 11 laps and have a clean vid. If you listen hard , around the 2.00 min mark at the roller door end of the track , down in the gully I actually hit the wall without coming off . I then had to get the momentum up again and concerntrate to get back on track.


The esses down the bottom of the track , before the start / finish is another section of the track where you have to get that rhythm to get you a good time. It only takes a little mishap to put you off and screw you times up. That whole middle section is where the raised braid is and will be taken up and the slot recessed and rebraided .

Cheers Craig



"You can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

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Great stuff. Good to see some others, along with some consistent runners, shuffling up around the pointy end in all the classes.

Congrats and well done to evrione who made the cut (podium)

Top job Craig and Gazza, you guys been busy!! Great fotos' and vids, as usual. Appreciate the effort getting this round done !! ;)

"Me Auntie's a Jack !!!"

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Series results updated....


Our series leader and runner up both had shockers compared to previous rounds. The biggest mover and shaker is OTFS who rockets up a massive 4 places


Mitchell let the side down with a placing that didn't replicate the lovely sequence from rounds 1-3, however Boss continued his wonderful sequence of results. Betting has been suspended on a finishing place of 15 for Round 5. To offer some encouragement my mini from last year finished dead last each and every round and by a considerable margin and you are already doing better than the mini ever did.


The overseas entrants Charles, Peter Gunn and Phil are all biting at the heels of the leaders.



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