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2107 Tasman Cup Car Returns


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The Aussie cars were sent today.


Please let me know when they arrive so I can cross them off the list.


Phil, all the Tassie cars are coming to you.

Lenny, the 4 SA cars are coming to you and

Shadow, I have sent difinity's car with yours. He will collect it from you when he returns from leave.

DM and Terry, your cars are travelling solo.


PS don't forget there is a new SRP 16k motor in the returns. One for each entrant this year.


The internationals will be sent in the next couple of days.

Alan Stubbings

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Thanks Alan,


Looking forward to actually having a play with it...

No worries on Tony's car, I'll make sure he gets it.

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Cars arrived safe, but the stupid courier just left them at the door and they very nearly got stolen.

My son heard the dogs going nuts and opened the front door to see the would be thief run off.

They had opened up the bag, but got interrupted. Thankfully.

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Hi Stubbo/Alan.


My car arrived back home today. Thanks for the motor. Will be interesting to see how this goes compared to my existing Brabham one which was new for 2017 proxy.


While packaging looked fine on outside and even the interior box (which I have used for several years) was completely intact with no signs of crushing car itself was badly crushed at rear axle but repairable (left rear wheel pushed in by about 3mm but still tight on the axle). Main damage appears to broken/bent suspension. There is a big chip off the paint work but this may have been racing damage as I have had to fix chips before.


On further inspection while part of suspension and hydraulic line fell off when I loosened and moved the wheel back to end of axle the later appears straight/freely revolving and car still sits flat on set-up block.


On a more positive note even my mirrors survived this year and Denny did not seem at all concerned. Just one of the hazards of racing.


Glad to have car back. Look forward to running it against my VRAA cars.


Regards Chas Le Breton

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Alan, my #11 Cooper arrived home in Montreal today. Thanks for holding it back while I was away on vacation. Apart from Phil Hill's head rolling around in the bag, all is well. Thanks for the motor. Any thoughts on whether there will be a Tasman Cup in 2018?



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Hi Stubbo.


You will be pleased to hear my Brabham BT4 is now completely restored (but still with old tyres) and I even took it for a run together with my VRAA Cooper Climax T60 to Brisbane recently. Had a good go with Dangermouse with both cars. While there was not much in it clearly the Brabham needs some better tyres.


Trust all is well in Melbourne. I have just been to 1/24th Metal Car Nationals in Wellington and I am off to open 1/32nd Magnet meeting early October. Have also just posted my Touring Car Proxy entry and about to start building for Bugeye Sprite Proxy. Anybody would think I have nothing else to do.


Regards Chas Le Breton

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