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Let me put some butter on Toast there is a chap over here on Slotforum who is making a rolling road test bed called Slotcartel he is in The Hobby Trades Showroom section and has pictures and a short video of the product looks good no prices yet but has got to be cheaper than that one have a gander.

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I simply ask the question why? Over the last 50 years I have been involved in slot racing I have seen a lot of test benches, and rolling roads. IMO they do very little to help improve a car.

I have tested several over the years and have not found one thst will give good consistent results. This includes one Ibuilt that even had a variable load and was based on an industrial test Bench.

A good digital tacho to test motors is a lot better investment.

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Yeah that ones a bit expensive and then you've also got postage costs.


I purchased the Tamiya Speed Checker like Gas has shown above.


Converted it a little and use it all the time, great little gadget.


Think I payed about $23 delivered some years back but have seen that they're quite a bit more nowadays.


I use it to run in motors etc and to check the difference between cars, usually the same model of car (ie-Porsche 997's)


I used to have a variable PSU hooked up to it but one of the kids decided to keep on turning the knobs and buggered it.


I now use the voltage regulator you can see in the pic below, hooked up to an old phone charger.


There was a link put on the forum by Phil some time back, think it was around $3 for the regulator (sorry never could find the link again)


I can vary the voltage between 1.1 and 18.7 volts if needed.




I keep it and my Tire Razor in a suitcase style cabinet attatched to my slot car tracks table.







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Toast I see you are in Adelaide. Paul Ottaway used to have a Tamiya speed checker converted for testing Slot Cars. Could be worth seeing if he still has it.

He is on FB if you do not know him from slot car circles.Not sure where he is racing now,probably Beachside.

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What I would like to have is a RPM tester/checker.

Similar to the Tamiya unit but instead of Km/h I would like to see RPM at the wheel: the Tamiya checker is too coarse grained for what I need.

I would like to use such a unit for scrutineering motor RPM without going to the trouble of disassembling a car, remove the motor, and check with a Laser tacho.




"I am an expert at the top of my field when mowing the lawn".

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