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Thick Copper Foil Needed - Not The Thin Stained Glass Stuff


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Hi Guys,


I'm back after a long absence. I've bought a fairly dodgy old copper foil track that I'm fixing up. I've converted it from a 5m 5 laner to a 3.5m 4 laner so it will fit. I had to make a new section so I need copper foil. I had some stuff I'd used for leadlighting, but it's too thin and won't stick to the track. The stuff on it is about 7mm wide and at least twice as thick. I tried ebay, but the stuff for sale there is leadlighting stuff only 0.03 mm thick. Any idea where I can get thick foil, suitable for running motors up to S16d? I don't want to convert it to braid. The track's blocking my carport so I want to move quickly. I generally race vintage 1/24 stuff


I did try to post in members' tracks, but I got a message saying I couldn't post. I'll put a pic up when I can. I bought this track because I like the banked turn and doughnut.




Steve C

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Hi Stevefzr.


There was somebody on AUSLOT recently who had a found a whole lot - possibly old type. Surprised you had trouble with lead light type though. Did you paint track first.


Other option is to remove all if you do not mind the cost, recess each side of track and install braid. You will not regret. It is so superior to copper tape.


Regards Chas Le Breton

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Lead lighting tape comes in various thickness. Venture brand is the best and the black backed one is the thickest and easiest to repair.

If it is too low to match the old copper tape then simply add another layer over the top.

It is available is various widths.Check out online Lead light supplies.

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