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Sorell Creek Track


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Hey all,


so, some more small improvements.  I've been working on improving the look of the pit/control tower area to fit the period & track I'm trying to highlight.  My very basic scenic building skills are highly evident in these, but anyway, here we go !

first, the control tower & pits I did up hoping to capture the feel of the tower & pits at the start finish line at the Longford track.  Looking something like this:


The original tower being 3 story would have looked too high & out of place on the track, so I scaled it to 2 levels, but tried to still capture the feel of it.  using foam board, Publisher & basic laser printing.....



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The finished product replaced the standard scalex control tower (which looked very much out of place)


The pits were adapted from a Greenhills garage kit & includes the open top level spectator stand above the pits (which is where my Dad and uncle watched the 1965 Australian Grand Prix from, and saw Bruce McLaren win from Jack Brabham is one of the great GPs of all time)


And a couple of overall shots down the Pit straight....




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On a recent visit to a wonderful automobile museum in Launceston,  I managed to pick up a few very nice di-cast models (VW Beetle, AC Cobra & Aston-Martin DB5) to add to the paddock car park scene....



That's all for now !

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That's remarkable modelling - we're very envious ! :)

Question - if you were to paint the Scalextric Track, what would be recommended? Prep and type of paint? Asking for a friend, as we say...

Or, to put another way - my own track is Scalextric Sport, and is copped taped and partially painted - but I think it can be done better.....

Ideas, people?

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There's only two questions:


1. What direction do you go

2. What's the Lap Record?

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G'day all,

a few little additions to keep me amused while I await a deliver for a major scenic update....to follow soon hopefully...

The pub corner needed a little beer garden I thought, basic fence & bench seating kit from miniart fit the bill:



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Hey all, just an update on the track that was just as much a surprise to me !

I just returned home after a week away (watching the First Ashes test actually, but that's another matter !).

I happened to come back on my Birthday, and to my delight I found my family had "Christmased" the track & to top it off there was a lovely new car waiting on it as my Birthday present.....thought I should share their work with you....

















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A little more development & scenery over recent weeks. The addition of a background scene obtained from a model railway site has been the biggest improvement to the overall look that I can think of. It really adds depth to any track & the scale is idea for a long distance view.

The cottage was (loosely) based on one in the main street of Longford....and the ticket office was an indulgent purchase of an excellent magnetic racing kit. Very worthwhile though.

The two cars pictured were also recently obtained......neither of which raced at Longford. Although Alan Jones has a certain link to the track...it's where his dad Stan won his first Aust GP in 1959 !.

















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Hi all,

some little scenic additions on the track thanks to some great 3d Printing work done by Phil Kalbfell whose been getting into it over the past year & is producing some great things.

the first one was an adapted replica of the pedestrian footbridge over the Longford Circuit in the 1960s (adapted in that it was shortened to fit over a 2 lane track.)

After the Longford track closed it was moved to Baskerville circuit here in Southern Tas, and remains there to this day !

The basic initial prints as Phil provided (he also very kindly assembled the bridge structure & steps before I got them !






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