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Mercedes Cup Series


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I like the chassis design it fit 1/32 & 1/24 scale cars, just like my TSRF chassis in my ninco LMP BMW car which I am still tuning.Good looking merc.


regards bo ;)

you are most welcome to come and see what and how we race.


in the next series after 8 weeks ,we are running "exotic" cars.

there's a lot of time for this race before we start, for you to think and build a car that you might fancy to race.


see you at the track one sunday :D


i would gladly demostrate to you how we build our cars as there are no rtr available except for the carrera 1/24,which is a very very very slow car.


have fun ;)

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Many thanks to orange picker & slot baker for the sundays race at LIVERPOOL CHECKERED FLAG RACAEWAY. I raced in the can am cup with one of orange pickers car he lent me, it was good to race on the smooth wood track again , its been to long.I also picked up a used mercedes body that race on the day for $ 3.50, here are some pics of the car it is a 1/24 scale.




I have removed the paint & will have it ready for the next race.




Chassis fit looks good to me.




Now to let it sit to two day & design the auslot decals & paint scheme


regards bo :)

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Thank you for adding to the race. You were going pretty quick for the first time on the track with an unknown car, and won't take long to pick up the track.


The Merc's a bit more of a challenge to drive than the Can Am though.


The body is looking good for the 8 hours or so that you've had it.


I forgot to ask you, is it ok with you if we link to the Auslot Forum from the LCF web site?




Steve K.

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Bo, I've seen you drive and I have one question:


Did you remove the paint during the race, or after it ?



(Couldn't resist...)

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't

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thanks for coming to the race and we all welcome you and anyone else wishing to come and race.


i have tried again to get in touch with my supplier for the merc bods.

i hope he does have some more in stock or tells me where to get them .


if you need help in mounting the car,give me a yell .i can mount it in 5 mins.even before the race. :P


p.s. the young fellow want to know if you can fix his car . :)

i still have to foot the bill though. :)


have you tried the secret motor yet?

just tell me if it runs or not.remember it is just for a fly side winder.


make sure you put on some weights and magnet and a ton of bricks so it doesn't "FLY" :P

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