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Mercedes Cup Series


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  • 3 weeks later...


Race results for the race last Sunday:

143 laps - Steve K

137 laps - Adam

134 laps - Tim

125 laps - Kerry

124 laps - Mychael

99 laps - Miro


If anyone wants to see the cars, have a look here.


I'll post points table after tomorrow's race.


Thanks for the suggestion.


Steve K.


Steve K.

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Points table for Mercedes Cup with 1 week to go:

If all rounds are contested, the worst performance is dropped, otherwise all results count.

847 Steve K, Drop 1 round

781 Mychae,l Drop 1 round

683 Kerry, Drop 1 round

649 Tim, Drop 1 round

569 Adam, 5 rounds

548 Miro, Drop 1 round

525 Mitchell, 5 rounds

483 Joel, 4 rounds

118 Ric, 1 round

113 Richard, 1 round



Steve K.

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