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Scorpius Analogue Controller

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Is this the worlds most advanced controller for under $150?

Worlds only controller with a 7 day unconditional refund if you’re not 100% happy. What do you have to lose? 

Australian made:D


The best form of satisfaction is success.





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Gotta add my 2 cents. I have 2 controllers and 2 Wireless Analogue Modules. I had issues (my fault) with one and sent it back to Rick for repair. I received it yesterday, plugged in and works straight away. No issues and once I spend some time playing with my curve/s, the professor motor controllers with likely gather dust. But I will also likely grab another WAM and controller in future so all 3 lanes can be wireless. I had I think SCX wireless controllers years ago and at the time thought they were good, but the Scorpius controllers are second to none:D

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Fulel racing in first track build --> https://youtu.be/nG1EyFkbJSs




My second track build --> 

raceday - https://youtu.be/8WXYQ528iKM


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A tad misleading. This post is titled 'Scorpius Analogue Controller' and you quote "Is this the worlds most advanced controller for under $150?"

Actually the controller is $169 for the wireless version only which is useless without either an analogue module or a car decoder.

Total for a controller and analogue is $298.95, and for a controller and car decoder for $218.95.

Having said that, I tested the controller with the analogue module a few years ago and it works great for 1/32 cars on typical 1/32 tracks. Despite the price I don't think you can go past the Scorpius for 1/32 racing, anything comparable is going to cost just as much, if not more.

Just saying.


From the Scorpius web site



Garry J


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