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  1. How about getting back and finishing your track as I need somewhere to play Rally . You think your retired ! Oh by the way , I have now "officially " have joined the club of old farts.... I'm back on Auslot
  2. Hey guys ,Craig (Teamred) just wondering if you guys are still doing anything . May have a proposition . Cheers Craig
  3. Hey guys . Congrats to the stage and overall podiumites for this years running of the 2019/20 Proxy. My car didn’t run as well as I thought . But I’m going to blame and sack that darn navvy of mine for not getting his head out of that playboy book . The end of 2019 and going into the start of this year hasn’t been to kind to me , so really haven’t had much interest in the proxy (Snurf , scars have healed but still a bit tender) . For that , big apologies Mel for not being able to get over and give you a hand. Hopefully the next proxy will be kind to me. Again thanks to all the entrants and hosts for putting on this 2019/20 Proxy. Cheers Craig
  4. Oh well , she's a bit behind the front runners. Problem is the Metro's Is in between the 4 cars that had problems . That's a worry. lets see what the other stages hold. Thanks to you and your guys for running this round Alexis . Hopefully the Metro can see the top end some where along the way. Cheers Craig
  5. Maybe your right Mr Gunn. Maybe the car didn't know whether to tip or not to tip. That would be the question . And just on a side note Snurfy. You've got me down as driving an Audi instead of the Metro. I know it goes like an Audi but we better make it right.You would also confuse my Navvy as his heads always in a playboy book . Just hoping the times are right as I'm happy where the car is rather than where the other Metro's are. Thanks for everything mate , You doing ok. Cheers Craig
  6. Happy belated birthday mate . Apologies for the lateness . Hope you had a top day , but as I say , any day you wake up has to be a great day . Again Happy Birthday Viv .
  7. Thanks Phil for the pics. Looks like my Metro likes the more subdued tracks. In saying that the same driver and navvy have been hired again and I had to confiscate the playsboys before they were sent on there way.
  8. Good to see the cars in the wonderful Tassie weather. The rellos have some nice covers of soft light snow so if it is the same for you , will the track rubber up or tend to take a little more time to get some grip. Cheers Craig.
  9. After having a peek at the track pic , thought the Metro's may have done better. Oh well, congrats to the podium getters and to Bov for running his first proxy. Appreciate it mate. Let's see what tomorrow holds. Cheers Craig
  10. Chas , I think you meant to say , May the Metro's be with us. Martyn , if thats the excuse you are going to use for building your car , who am I to argue . As long as you didnt build it on a very sunny day when the so called wind was blowing and your pants and shirt were up on the fence if you get my FB drift. . Cheers Craig
  11. Hey Chas, yeah I'm hoping the Metro's do well.Didnt have trouble with the mudflaps . Mine has had the legs of the interior cut off to help body roll. The chassis has been trimmed all the way round with longer body screws and weighs in at a hefty 104grams all up to keep the weight lower in the chassis . We'll see how things pan out. Good to see you back in it Dave and thanks for hosting a round. Cheers Craig
  12. Hi Guys , apologies for the lateness of replies as the lastest shift change at work does not give me any time during the week to post , thus Mel doing it for me. Now the weekend is upon us I now can put up the comments list on your cars , as well as the pics. Have to thank Gaz for his help and top pics as usual and Mel for helping out and posting the stages. First the comments Charles , I think your Metro is good . The difference between mine and yours , and I havent actually seen inside yours should break the field up the top. Again alll tracks are different and hope they run well . Scuderia. Not sure what the plate is there for but did get a bit of wearing on my track . just a bit worried that on plastic tracks , if the track isn't butted up together flat , it may catch. Its only the first rnd , so anything can usally happen. Car Pic Action Just a footnote , Mel posted that this maybe the last time for Minto Rally Park . I maybe only giving up the 2 extensions I add to the main track as they are getting harder to get down from the rafters of the garage by myself and I can't keep expecting my boys to be around to help me out. I am also thinking of cutting down one of the extensions so it's easier to handle . But that's in the future. Cheers Craig
  13. Hey Ronnie , Happy Birthday mate . Hope you have a good day and have a great night with the family when you get home.
  14. Hi all , well here starts another year of Proxy Racing starting with Rnd 1 at Minto Rally Park N.S.W .Australia . At the moment it is a brisk first day of Winter at 5 Degrees with a top of around 20 degrees celsius . Track should rubber up ok. This weekend i am running the short stage , hopefully 2 or 3 stages . My track is urethane paving paint , running 10 volts and hand throttle is Slot it. There is still a couple of cars M.I A. With that , all the best to all and lets get this Proxy underway. Cheers Craig
  15. Thanks Gaz. And another year gone and still breathing , gotta be happy with that.
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